We’re done. But here’s our Unit of Judo EP. Check that spectrum.


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New directions

zadok, prog, newcastle, sagan music

Minnis and Al will return one day in a remarkable new format.

Zadok fans will do well to note that the Unit of Judo EP is available to download free here with one measly bonus track. Current projects of band members are shown below.  Thank you for listening. CM

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Now, four fierce streaks in calm sky

Intense. Since the last day, we have all migrated in engagingly different musical directions. Here are four Soundcloud profiles which represent the paths taken.

Minnis: stacks of paper, tapes, guitar

Watch the skis for Ringworld Wire (coming soon) and the TOWN EP (also coming soon).  Field recordings and spoken word acousto-prog. More music here.

Al: Bass

Al remastered the BERK doom classic, Cheeses of Nazareth. He also makes weird drone music and fuzz boxes. See Belta Pedals.

Pete Devlin: Space Key, Golden voice

Pete has been releasing these tapes with Guessmen. Also singing for James Joys.

Franko: Drum kit

Franko went back to Scotland and became a very prolific singer-songwriter.

Thanks for listening.

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Upon learning that the Jazz has left the building

Iron horse in the digital ether learning a new tongue, shifting some snow, and looking east. Franko has shot for the north and good luck to him! In genuine flow, we’re moving toward ultimate phase. Pete is taking on heavy study. Minnis is still trying to rewire the Jaguar. It’s better to have that bridge to rest your palm on so  as you can dig in. Not like these stratocaster type walking in the air hand movements. In that instance you can’t let your guard down for a second or the phantom noises start. However, you can still let your hair down. Here’s a valve type photograph.

zadok, the premier progressive grunge-folk band are making their way to the future

It’s a long time to stand still. Minnis is making dialmforminnis volume one. Pete said he made a tune in 5/4 on the ukulele. I know, you want to hear it. There are a lot of tapes of Zadok: Al collated everything on the tumblr blog in a fit of prescience. I bet by now Franko is back radging up the kit track with the Voice of The Mysterons.

Every time you see a little white flash, that’s some eye cells dying. Same as your ears! Ben said to me once ‘You need Boundaries’. It’s true, but what greater boundary than omnipotent fate. Mortal coil and that. Best boundary we have, keep pushing against it to make good art and to just make it better. Life arpeggiator/aggregator.

Watch this space for the next move, signposts, and amendments. Thanks for listening. CM

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A present for Jazz rocker Sebastian.

A fellow from Chile asked us for a score for the intro to Caltrops. Here it is, Sebastian. CGDGBE, then capo 4th fret. You can pick all the notes but better to find a nice flowing hammer-on/pull off pattern. I do it slightly different every time but these are the notes. Thanks for your interest in Zadok TM. CALTROPS intro as played by Zadok. music by Chris Minnis.

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Agitated Molecule Rumbles On

Whimsical Section

Self explanatory video movements. Created from the reversed Whimsical Section.

Today we almost did it, learning the Whimsical Section backwards, to the point where we could play it forwards then backwards then forwards then backwards, then forwards again then backwards until Minnis fell off four bars from the end. To partially celebrate, here is a mighty video created by Al in a reported 60 hour Windows Movie Maker Marathon awhiles back. On Wednesday Franko will be able to do it too, then we can get back into the macro.

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Just Node.

Like a great turbine in all directions, multi-jointed. Endgame? Or just the code to dissolve the board ? Here is a special website that turns words into music and here is a musician called Conlon Nancarrow . Here is a powerful grind. Here is something more drumsolo. Here is a really good GI Joe. Today is a node, watch the skies!

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In the room now. Photography, reading list, drumming stereotypes.

Using a determined combination of Microsoft Paint Skills and Time, Al was able to piece together this collage of Zadok at band practice. The Room is a place on a valleyside carved over thousands of years by the Ouseburn river, which is made out of water. We are mostly water. Our fate in 2012 is to relentlessly grind out our magnum opus until it is finished. Then we can get on with all the funny business again. Basically it is a long journey like the journey from a flat piece of land into a valley. Or, to put it another way, the Mountain is young. Do you know what I mean? Sand is old. Mountain is young. Here you go, and take your time. It took 5 hours and comprises 87 pictures, taken on by Al on Franko’s phone camera in two slow human rotations, except for the ones with Al in shot. They just naturally appeared on the negative because he’s been practising here for years.

The Room, byker, practice, band, ouseburn scene, rehearsal studio

Like all Zadok related productions, this took a while and involved determination, and was worth it in the end. Keep the faith, progressive grunge-folk fans. Sand is old. Other bands that practice in the room Knuckle Dragger. Nately’s. Polarsets. Zadok are currently reading the following books: Asimov, Second Foundation and Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns (Pete); Tolstoy, War and Peace (Al); Jim Dodge, Stone Junction and Larry Niven, Ringworld (Minnis); Franko says he’s reading Hustler mainly. Franko is the drummer in popular progressive beat combo Zadok. Watch what you’re doing out there. Join the mailing list if you would. CM

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