Zadok Live!

Howdy, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. As you may already know, Zadok proved a mint live band, capable of bleazin’ sonic prog power and fearsome stripped back grunge-folk. 

You may have been directed to this page by a gushing friend or colleague saying “Hey Vic, you have to book these guys for the Rockin’ Scone tent!!” – if so, you came to the right place, except just a bit late to the party.  Here are a couple of great videos of varying lighting to show that we played really well in various lighting conditions.  Visit us on FacebookCheck out the fantastic Zadok Blog – Or, scroll down the page for downloadable tracks.

“Unit of Judo Part Two” – Live in Heaton: Poor Lighting Conditions (note good playing)

Many more videos are on our Youtube channel Here.

Here are some pictures of us on stage looking accomplished and handsome. Click through for larger versions on Flickr. Photo Credit – Jazzy Lemon.

Zadok by Jazzy Lemon - Progressive Grunge-folk fro newcastle mainly.

Live tracks from Hyem in Heaton – Thanks to Liam Cameron for the mix!

Zadok in full flight, with amazing shorts.

Maybe a few MINDS. Thanks! CM


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