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In the room now. Photography, reading list, drumming stereotypes.

Using a determined combination of Microsoft Paint Skills and Time, Al was able to piece together this collage of Zadok at band practice. The Room is a place on a valleyside carved over thousands of years by the Ouseburn river, which is made out of water. We are mostly water. Our fate in 2012 is to relentlessly grind out our magnum opus until it is finished. Then we can get on with all the funny business again. Basically it is a long journey like the journey from a flat piece of land into a valley. Or, to put it another way, the Mountain is young. Do you know what I mean? Sand is old. Mountain is young. Here you go, and take your time. It took 5 hours and comprises 87 pictures, taken on by Al on Franko’s phone camera in two slow human rotations, except for the ones with Al in shot. They just naturally appeared on the negative because he’s been practising here for years.

The Room, byker, practice, band, ouseburn scene, rehearsal studio

Like all Zadok related productions, this took a while and involved determination, and was worth it in the end. Keep the faith, progressive grunge-folk fans. Sand is old. Other bands that practice in the room Knuckle Dragger. Nately’s. Polarsets. Zadok are currently reading the following books: Asimov, Second Foundation and Khaled Hosseini, A Thousand Splendid Suns (Pete); Tolstoy, War and Peace (Al); Jim Dodge, Stone Junction and Larry Niven, Ringworld (Minnis); Franko says he’s reading Hustler mainly. Franko is the drummer in popular progressive beat combo Zadok. Watch what you’re doing out there. Join the mailing list if you would. CM


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Hands up if you know what’s happening here

Lion and eagle's the gladiators, scanned for the zadok blog. Your faces aren’t that similar like lads. I photographed this from an old copy of LION and EAGLE from 1971 that was lying around. Guess what happens next? CM


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Sweating Cobs. Agitated Molecule vibes.

Notes for the forthcoming progressive grunge-folk epic concept album, Agitated Molecule. We’re a lot of things but were not lazy when it comes to writing a song like. This is about a third of the existing notes for Agitated Molecule, the forthcoming mega-extravaganza from Zadok, your favourite Progressive grunge-folk group. The rest are scattered across the county, or in digital form on some server somewhere waiting for the EMP.

That case contains the Tobacco sunburst Jazz – the weapon of choice of Al, in the war on audio boredom. I post this picture just so you don’t think we’re just fannying about with a computer or something. Remember to always warm up before trying anything tricky or repetitive. CM


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Zadok live, July 2011.

A lovely red photograph depicting a friend moment – thanks for coming down ! – credit and ta like hew : Helen Pearson
Zadok at Rocking Horse studios - Photo credit Helen Pearson

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Us playing a song

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Finishing Line?

Howdy, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. Good news! It looks like today may be the day we finish tracking on the Unit of Judo EP. To celebrate this possible accomplishment, here is a picture taken of some valves glowing in the dark using a slightly scratched 7.1 mp camera. Admittedly, history has shown us greater celebration than merely taking a photograph, but remember that it was dark. If you haven’t had a look yet, remember that you can check out the whole history of Zadok through the medium of handmade marketing materials here. Quite good! If anyone has any video or live snaps of us playing out, by all means bung it in the post if you can, maybe on a VHS or even using e-post services like ‘HOTMAIL’. Full credit is our CAST IRON GUARANTEE, and it’s always interesting to look at captured past events. Remember, we have a SEGA font now, so there’s no question that our presentation is improving. Thanks for listening – We’re confirmed for Rock the Barn festival in Durham on 2 July, which will be grand. More informational burst shortly. CM Valves in the Fender Blues Junior

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Al’s Bike is Mint

Progressive Rock Bicycle

Once we get a trailer, we are going to travel everywhere on the back of Al’s bike. Anyone who has been following the Zadok publications available at our music concerts will know that it’s a beast of a single-speed Marin which has seen many miles but remains one of the best bikes anyone in the world has ever seen or ever will. Here is the bike.

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