Welcome to the story of Zadok, through the medium of hand-made flyers! If the page takes too long to load, get a new computer and refresh page.

Note that there is another historically useful page over at the Tumblr blog which features some of these flyers but also a large amount of photographic evidence to support the popular theory that we rock canny hard like.

Early days:

The First proper Zadok Flyer - touting the Progressive Grunge-folk back in 2009! Zadok Flyer from 2009 - made by Chris Minnis. Another page from a 2009 Zadok flyer for the PRogressive grunge-folk band of the same name.

Zadok flyer part 4 - from 2009. The first one!

That was a good time.

Made in Poland Fest 09 – acousto-grunge fuzz

By this time we’d started to get our shit together a bit, and played at the Made in Poland festival, for some reason. We played with Kyst who were a nice enough bunch of lads as it happens. The run up to this show yielded one of our greatest flyers. You can see the pinnacle of the old uncluttered style which starts to give way as more and more information gets herded into later works, as you’ll see. At this stage there we were just two, so it was easy. This gig was the first stupidly loud Zadok concert, and we played with acoustic guitar and fuzz bass. Heady days. Al had just joined Mass and we were keeping plenty busy.

Kyst and Zadok flyer! coverZadok and Kyst flyer page 2

page three of the zadok and kyst flyer by CHris MinnisKyst and Zadok Flyer - page 4 by Chris MinnisThat was a good un. We kept it steady for a few months and did some new songs. Then we played at the inaugral Oxfam bookshop Paperback Sessions in Newcastle – on Hood Street in fact – organised by the ace Jenny Wooh sama. We taped and filmed this duo gig and you can watch us here.

Check out the more cluttered vibe. Minnis was getting too big for his DMs and had started hoying loads of Sellotape all over everything. He calmed down a bit later but the signs are all here. These ones never got any decent circulation, so if you have one, you’re lucky! It also plugs our second gig at The Sage, Gateshead, which we played as a duo and did canny well as I recall. The second page is of a piece, so you might have to click through and have a look, or get a new monitor and refresh the page.

Oxfam show January 2010

ZAdok flyer for the gig at Oxfam in 2009Oxfam flyer for Zadok gig - page two and three.zadok flyer oxfam gig 2010 page 4Heady days indeed! Best not get carried away like. As you can see Minnis had a bad cold and reviewed several cough mixtures – with a rating system.

The Sage gig in February was great, partly because it was us playing in good spirits and finding our swing, and partly because Francis Morgan and Peter Devlin were in the crowd (probably on Pete Currie’s recommendation!) and we started turning into a full electric band after this. The next gig of note featured all four of us pumpin’ it out at Van Rezner’s night at The Bridge. Nice.

Carpus Trio and Zadok, May 2010

In May 2010 we returned to The Bridge with the mighty Carpus Trio. This is where we started to become a decent live band, playing in such good company. This concert was recorded and is kicking around somewhere, raw pulsating bootleg fans. Here’s a great poster that Al made for the gig:

A poster for a Zadok and Carpus Trio concert in May 2010.And here’s the flyer:

Zadok and Carpus Trio flyer May 10Zadok and Carpus Trio May 20120 flyer pages 2 and 3zadok and Carpus Trio may 2010 flyer back pageRIP Berk.

Firing on all Four at Hyem bar!

It was a bit of a crazy Summer – Franko was away, then Al was away on a serious mission and there was a definite Ah well, that was Canny feeling. Tall order to replace a right hand man. Can’t build a castle without the foundations. This was when Agitated Molecule first started coming into existence, but you’ll know all about that before long.

By year’s end we were back in the saddle and we hooked up with Knuckle Dragger and Dragnet for a class gig at Hyem in Heaton. Then we got invited back. Here are two flyers for those shows. The first one is favourite like! We’d started in earnest extolling the virtues of hearing protection. Got to look after your lugs so you can keep going to loud gigs.

January 2011 Flyer for Zadok and Knuckle Dragger's show at HyemZadok and KNuckle Dragger flyer page 2 from Hyem show!Man squashed by barrel in a Zadok and Knuckle Dragger flyer - extolling the virtues of Progressive Grunge-folk and good grunge-prog.Zadok and Knuckle Dragger's great hyem flyer. Made by Minnis!And here’s the second one for Hyem – March 2011 – also a good un but maybe not as cool as the January Flyer – gotta love Archie like!

Zadok Live! Flyer for Hyem gig

Hyem Zadok flyer!

That’s your whack for now! More as it happens. Thanks for your attention. Zadok will be hammering the summer season so come see us before we’re superceded by robot musicians. 

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