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Agitated Molecule Rumbles On

Whimsical Section

Self explanatory video movements. Created from the reversed Whimsical Section.

Today we almost did it, learning the Whimsical Section backwards, to the point where we could play it forwards then backwards then forwards then backwards, then forwards again then backwards until Minnis fell off four bars from the end. To partially celebrate, here is a mighty video created by Al in a reported 60 hour Windows Movie Maker Marathon awhiles back. On Wednesday Franko will be able to do it too, then we can get back into the macro.


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Sweating Cobs. Agitated Molecule vibes.

Notes for the forthcoming progressive grunge-folk epic concept album, Agitated Molecule. We’re a lot of things but were not lazy when it comes to writing a song like. This is about a third of the existing notes for Agitated Molecule, the forthcoming mega-extravaganza from Zadok, your favourite Progressive grunge-folk group. The rest are scattered across the county, or in digital form on some server somewhere waiting for the EMP.

That case contains the Tobacco sunburst Jazz – the weapon of choice of Al, in the war on audio boredom. I post this picture just so you don’t think we’re just fannying about with a computer or something. Remember to always warm up before trying anything tricky or repetitive. CM


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Franko and Pete shredded the school.

On Wednesday night, down in the basement at the seat of learning, Pete and Franko showed what they’d been doing all this time, including a sterling RPG set featuring Pete’s astonishing vocal (where do we find these guys), and a pounding Zadok set that lasted exactly 37 minutes, featuring stupidly metronomic timekeeping from Franko, an explanation of Franko’s famous count-ins and some canny banter as well. Not to mention a maturing version of the Agitated Molecule intro section, some squalling guitar feedback, sweaty shirts and well waxed earplugs. Come see us playing and that. For those who missed it, don’t forget to check out Al’s supreme video for ASB (audio from last time we played in the uni. Cheers John!). I imagine there’ll be some new uns to tide you over until the new tapes appear in your line of vision. Ta! CM

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Agitated Molecule Continues slow Birth

“The Iron Horse returns to bed. NO dreams to soothe his burning head. Spies Denied, his eyes on the prize…”

A crab dude on zadok blog!

It’s been a total journey but, after finding the really tight bass drum in a certain basement, there has been a lot of progress made. Agitated Molecule is the first Zadok song to feature a full on bass solo, so watch what you’re doing out there. It’s our most involved and complex offering yet, and it’s headed your way!

As you might know, we’re tapemaking again in mid march so there’ll be some new glowsticks to chew on after that. Meantime, a couple of good Zadok shows coming up (9th March event page here) and a good forecast for 2011 – see you soon. CM

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More on Zadok tapemaking

Well, we’re all set to start recording the Unit Of Judo Saga on a sunny sunday toward mid march, which is mint.  We’ll be rockin’ with Sam at Blank – check out some of their back catalogue of class tapes here. You’ll be able to hear all the keys and that, and we’re going to put a microphone on the toms this time so it doesn’t sound like c.1942 radio audio trap set recording.

Cheers for listening! We’re currently putting the finishing touches to a special new piece of music which takes a decent amount of time to play, and took longer to make! It’s called Agitated Molecule. A.M.  features the iron bass skills of Al in star-fired overdrive, as well as sterling lines from Mr. Peter Devlin funneling inexplicably serpentine melodies from the orient, for 2 second bursts, weaved into the space ragtime harmony. There are also Airwolf guitar swoops,  and death-defying drumming from the unstoppable Franko “Good Morning” Morgan. and some futuristic rave jabs.

what minnis seesWe haven’t been (totally) idle on the Equestrian Wall of Death either – eagle eared gig goers will have heard Ivory Rib Upgrade performed already. But there’s a whole cycle to go with that too, and loads of fuzz bass and wrigglin’ drums and so on. No filler like.  Bye! CM


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Tonight’s Menu. The Agitated Molecule saga.

This evening Al and I are working on the latest Zadok offering to come from the horse’s mouth. So to speak. Agitated Molecule: a true story of prog rock, sludge math, intrinsic keyboard floating point negotiations, fishing, bicycles and much more. Coming soon to an ear canal near you. CM

portability of tapes based on CBS inner record liner

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