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Some Video Evidence.

Here’s Minnis and Al playing at Wooh’s Oxfam in-store… Thanks to Pip for watching the desk and Jan for the mix. Pete Devlin filmed.

Now joined by Pete Devlin and Franko Morgan on the space key and the kit fast! Check out the ZADOK MYSPACE if you like all that.¬†We’re working on The Equestrian Wall of Death saga, which, let’s face it, is a progressive grunge folk concept album about a high tech sport. if you’ve up for learning about the story and that, it’ll be getting blogged on the EQUESTRIAN WALL OF DEATH BLOG as it continues to continue.


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The Red Light is out

First take blinders, warts and all.

Fuzz box straight into Logic. A glass of guinness.

Today I heard from Mick! Hello, Mick! What a dude.

Now recording Almost Live EP

Now recording Almost Live EP

Today, guitars and voices. All done. Now, the mixing continues. Leave that bit crusher bypassed, for all of our sakes! No heavy syrup or Al will strike down with great Doom Vengeance on the hand that rocks the fader.

Still, You have to work on these things and hide the evidence! Drums are power crack, given the quick fire sound check. New York Style Bus Compression, see.

More on this and other adventures tomorrow.


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