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A small interlude.

Apologies, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. You must both be wondering what happened to the Zadok blog, the most encouraging sign of growth in the Progressive Grunge-folk sector?

I can tell you that all’s well in the camp. We’re working hard on Agitated Molecule, the Equestrian Wall of Death Overture, a new tune called Ringworld Wire and generally getting our act together for the summer giant-slaying season. The Unit of Judo EP, recorded and mixed by that curly haired enigma Sam Grant of Blank studios, is nearly done, in the late stages of creation. It sounds canny good like. CM


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Gnome taping is Grilling the Chew Pick. In the Street.

Steady as she goes. Zadok have been keeping it rolling along in the camp. We had a guitar recording mission of some duration, rehearsed a new part of the Equestrian Wall of Death, and are getting set for tomorrow’s gig at the Three Tuns in Gateshead with Dragnet. Progressive Grunge-folk on!Passive hohner electric piano

New Zadok recordings are shaping up, thanks to the microphonic mastery quest of Sam Grant, the fearless keyboard skills of Peter Devlin and some extravagantly tight rhythm section tracking from Al and Franko. Beers all round when this is down like!

Guitars are also done, in true nocturnal style, except for the squealin’ and dealin’ parts which we’re having to rent a gravity-free environment for. It’s because the combination of the loud clean guitar, Alfred Hitchcock keyboards, double pedal and fuzz bass in UOJ3 are so densely packed that the only place you can combine them is in freefall. Or so I was led to believe.



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More pics from taping the Judo

pete devlin of Zadok playing proggy keyboards at Blank Studiosblack fender jaguar HH, Fender Jazz USA tobacco sunburstFrancis Morgan of Zadok at Blank Studios.Piano at Blank - it is used to get the resonance of the room!

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