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EWOD: about the compere’s trailer… And how Couch lost his tail

At last: Stories from Equestrian Wall of Death  !

 The Compere’s Trailer

Looks close and small. Like any Winnebago.

But truly it’s an illusion. Enormous and distant.

an unbelievable array of disturbing research equipment. ”

This all started years ago when a baby was born with a tail that could sting people. He was named ‘Couch’.

At that time, Compere worked as a career army musician on a boat. He was their bass player. No secrets on board a ship. He learned the transport he was at work on was moving ‘Couch’ to a secret location to be turned into a weapon.

Zadok are working on a concept album called The Equestrian Wall of death which is epic progressive grunge-folk incarnate.

“A full moon.The Compere pulls out his razors and spurs, keen; and sets the trap.

Fixing to witch out this witchy chest of a town in slow motion”.

One Astonishly corrupt General Hooper was attempting to send ring modulated mind messages to his own retinue. Have you ever seen ‘The men who stare at goats”? Well, it was like that, except real. He was working on something called a Super Omenic Phaser Pedal. General Hooper was legendary for his part in the battle in the Jewel Cave, many years ago, where Giles Benthrax was almost destroyed.

Knowing then that his own basslines would be used to subvert ground troops, and comprehending an infiltrated house band, he tricked out the Black Cat Ring Modulator to accept raw nucleonic fusion energy from the engines as one input, and the raw sound of a Fender Jazz tobacco sunburst through BOSS OVERDRIVER as the other. Then he walked into the control room in a danger suit and played something called the Trying Bodily Scale. By doing so Compere sank the ship with all hands.

There was a lot of confusion about what happened to the boat; and this craft wasn’t designed to be sunk. There was a lot of chemical spill into the water which affected the landscape for years. Mostly, there was a drive to distract, back at home, because there were an awful lot of men and women on the boat. There were a lot of seismographs and whales that recorded things in their own way, and whales learned the Trying Bodily Scale, and some marine biologists probably puzzled over it.  CM

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