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Us playing a song


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Next Stop Rock The Barn

Rock the Barn is coming: on July 1-3, lots of hairy people take over part of a farm site. Mint. Two stages, competitively priced beverages and lurds of bands, including Zadok on the Saturday night. Check it out here: !

Here’s a picture drawn to celebrate the continuing progress on new Zadok songs:

Concept album art, progressive Grunge-folk, Minnis, Zadok

Cheers anyone who came to support Martha’s night on Wednesday. Pete Currie was class. Aran and Pete were also class, especially their stirring rendition of Down to the River…. Pictures are here! This Wednesday is Franko and Pete’s final recital day before they are let loose into the world. So we’re woodshedding. CM

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A concert this evening. And a hint of things to come.

North east Progressive Grunge-folkers Zadok are making a Concept album called The Equestrian Wall of Death.Join us this evening in Durham! At the Fish Tank of all places! Here’s a snippet from the stack of papers and manuscript that comprise all those unheard parts of the Equestrian Wall of Death. You can see the protagonist, Couch, in his Scorpion-horse aspect. It’s going to be class to make it out of plasticene and stop-motion it. If anyone can help, let us know, so we can get on with rehearsing the music and stop scanning pieces of paper with pictures of scorpions bursting out of plasticene horses and so on.  Watch this space for more horse-prog goodness. CM

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Good day all.

Unfortunately Zadok are retiring, like Batman. Al updated our Myspace page here with new recordings, including a new tune called IVORY RIB UPGRADE. The Myspace will stay static from now, once I’ve put up the final mixes of the last demos we made.

Al has also moved to London, not because he doesn’t love us and that, but because he needed to ! He is with Mass, and this is for the best, because Mass are ace and need Al’s bass and no-nonsense cookery.

Pete, Franko sama and I will proceed with the mission, and this blog is the place for information on that stuff! But, because Al’s fearless bass playing was so intrinsic to the sound of the band, and because Al shaped the progressive grunge-folk aesthetic so much with his unerring bullsht radar and the Dalek cabinet, we won’t be carrying the Zadok name on until one day when Al comes home in a blaze of holy glory with loads of fuzz bass. I can’t stress enough how much he’ll be amiss ! But, there are plenty of ways to go on, and we have to, because the songs don’t stop just because we’re asleep awhile.

Songs from the EQUESTRIAN WALL OF DEATH and other science fiction adventures are on the way, but you’ll probably hear them here first rather than in person. These include potential future classics like Equestrian Wall of Death theme, The Swanburger overture, “The Riders, The Runners”, Starseed Lure, and other stuff that isn’t named yet.

Thanks for listening, it’s been class. CM

UPDATE : ignore this sad missive. Zadok are alive and well and playing concerts near your house. If you’re reading this, you’re probably aware of this. Zadok back in the saddle. CM

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Based in no small part on “Town” by Ian Hatton of the famous Wimbledon progressive group hitherto referred to…

Our wall is built, announce it in the town. two hundred feet tall. Two miles round. Tall enough to stand stock still. bespoke, handbuilt and modular. A monument, significant – equivalent to dead man’s switch. A letter, signed and fastened with a seal. Entrants, incumbents, births and burials. Intrigue, deal-hold-fold in hoof chip array.


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EWOD: Thrown a hoof? Suddenly Super-awake in Ambush

So, A video game was designed. To think about it was to blink

To Hold Apart the Lids of Your Eyes!

Pad around and take on water. But no time for resting.

And little enough time to lift the thumb before it’s again pressing “Best Kept Secret”.


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EWOD: Elsewhen

Colobnogast is won

ultra conductive gristmill

Not here in the compound.

Things aren’t geared that way around.

Whatever turned your salad brown cannot be held in one hand.

Elsewhen to evade this damp parade?


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