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Unit of judo Video now uP!

A family sat at table to discuss the day’s events and now the steps they’d have to take. This leads to some unpleasant scenes regarding indiscretions that their middle son had made. They fortify the house, looted supplies and burn the staircase out, to save them from the storm. A plan was hatched despite the murderous fog of good old fashioned shotgun wedding fever rippling through the town. To tunnel into fortress through adjacent neighbour residence and to hunt the bridegroom down. But – Landlord cries out “Listed building – inner walls are sacrosanct – you must try underground!”. Clearly your actions and their consequences have reached me! You crawled into a house of flies and made a scene! I’d have to take your family name and throw it in the snow. From here on in you will be known as ‘Unit of Judo’.You crawled into a house of flies and made a scene! Stay away from mirrors and don’t fall asleep!


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Toby and Mr. T rule too

More rabid Zadok fans will have noticed upon arriving at the Cumberland Arms the other night that the show was cancelled. However, as well as here and there destruction of open mics and friend shows, there is a decent Zadok gig hovering on the horizon and has a fiendish sting in the tail. That’s right folks, Zadok are opening up the Ginger Music Company Summer Show on the 2nd of August, in Hall 2 of The Sage Gateshead, which is good. But here’s the thing, we have a little help this time. We’re talking the power duo, me and Al, muscularly pinned down by my great frequency battlin’ train beatin’  Ben Handysides, with his quadriceps humming like a hummingbird as he goes heel and toe on the pedal and hands swinging taiko-stickwise on the acoustic, large drum kit (all the way from Willesden Green for the show with travel bottle) and I’m pleased to be ably aided and abetted by none other than Stuart Cromarty, a great old comrade in arms from the old days, who went from being the funkiest smooth hitting son of a gun in Durham to the funkiest smooth hitting son of a gun in Glasgow, and all points in between, including battling stormtroopers on imaginary Hoth snowscapes and camping out with a bunch of whisky, as they say in the states, who was of course in a previous existence the physical drumkit lynchpin who bound me and Petes fortunes together in the ancient times, who did form a band with ‘Little Dan’ who in fact is a most fine and well proportioned chap (and whom I once played board games with at Leeds Fest in the workin’ tents thanks to some charity-good-luck-bartending and a couple of ales and a long night trying to keep my eardrums from dribbling down the side of my head). In a perfect world Jon Mitchell will also be standing stage left with the old 330 squeaking a bit, needing some oil on it’s leather strap hinge, but weeping out crystalline feedback regardless, a guitar that has seen the ages pass and is more for it. Jon kicks arse on the black 330, or any guitar. Between my watching him, Mr.Garside and Pedro Velamest taking up the guitar in public, I’ve learned more than a thousand instructionals. The other great musical source of inspiration I would care to share is the one and only Ian Hatton, writer of Scenes and Town, as well as many other big hitters, and a folk-burnt saucy bass to boot. Thanks for introducing me to Gryphon and Planxty. Rob Langley anyone? Hats off and may the dulcimer sing for you.

You can get ticks from the Sage website, and it’s going to be £10/conc… which is a lot more than a night in the Steamer and the beer is more….But, it’s Zadok with Ben and Crom, at least,  at The Sage Gateshead.

This bedevilled namecheck has missed many great people who have shaped and helped. However it should also give a shout to JOE DEPLAE and NICK ‘GROSCH-ONE’ GROZCEK. Joe, if you read this, your OAK TREE TUNES is safe and with me, send me your address and i’ll send it recorded. Sam Higgs, Matt Crumb and Millie Holt, Dan Courtney, and the rest, get yourself into the north and let’s make a record if we can. In, say, 12 hours.

That’s enough of that now.


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