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Upon learning that the Jazz has left the building

Iron horse in the digital ether learning a new tongue, shifting some snow, and looking east. Franko has shot for the north and good luck to him! In genuine flow, we’re moving toward ultimate phase. Pete is taking on heavy study. Minnis is still trying to rewire the Jaguar. It’s better to have that bridge to rest your palm on so  as you can dig in. Not like these stratocaster type walking in the air hand movements. In that instance you can’t let your guard down for a second or the phantom noises start. However, you can still let your hair down. Here’s a valve type photograph.

zadok, the premier progressive grunge-folk band are making their way to the future

It’s a long time to stand still. Minnis is making dialmforminnis volume one. Pete said he made a tune in 5/4 on the ukulele. I know, you want to hear it. There are a lot of tapes of Zadok: Al collated everything on the tumblr blog in a fit of prescience. I bet by now Franko is back radging up the kit track with the Voice of The Mysterons.

Every time you see a little white flash, that’s some eye cells dying. Same as your ears! Ben said to me once ‘You need Boundaries’. It’s true, but what greater boundary than omnipotent fate. Mortal coil and that. Best boundary we have, keep pushing against it to make good art and to just make it better. Life arpeggiator/aggregator.

Watch this space for the next move, signposts, and amendments. Thanks for listening. CM


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Kyst cancel! Prog jazz and grunge city steppers up to the plate

Kyst pull UK tour! Carpus Trio and Zadok show to go ahead as planned!

Hello! For reasons of an unavoidaqle naturq, Kyst will no longer be appearing at the gig at The Bridge Hotel. This is a shame! However Zadok and Carpus Trio will be caning the airwaves and floorboards anyway, no questions asked. Bye!

Carpus Trio + Zadok
7.30pm May 26 2010
The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Here’s the Caltrops from The Sage Gateshead! Almost Live. Thanks to Ben for coming up North to play and Van Rezner for the mix.


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Another day, another headache from undersubscription glasses and Logic screen

Morning all. This day will be a fine one for mixing. The sky is a tender grey. My Chilli plant is giving me some fruit. One of them is about two inches long. He’s a ‘heaatwave’ and has aphids all over his sturdy flowers, but it doesn’t matter. They’re just for the crack. The real business is inside the flower once the bees have been to visit.



See you soon folks.


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Live, Zadok, feat. Ben Handysides, Sage Hall 2….A day later….g

Ben Handysides landed on my doorstep on Thursday. We ate and then immediately set up a tiny drum kit with a pad on the snare and box for a bass drum. This was down in the kitchen mind.

Al came round not very long after and plugged in the bass. Then we played loads of Zadok tunes to Ben and he made notes using a pencil. He sometimes spoke, using words like “Please Repeat that Section” and “Train beat here, yes?”.

Then the next day (being Friday) we went down to the studio and set up our amps and drum kit. Al had his recently acquired 1000w cabinet and I repeatedly said “Turn that down please Al, my hands are starting to melt as I shield my ears” and he was alright with it. He also had two fuzz boxes. It was class. Then we started to practice for the show at The Sage Gateshead.

On Saturday Ben amused himself and I headed off to do a dress rehearsal with a workshop group who were also performing at the Sage Gateshead the following day. It was intense because unfortunately one of the sub groups weren’t ready to do the gig and I had to tell them, and then their Dad came round later on to talk to me in the outdoors, but it was OK in the end, I came back in,  and we got the stage times together.

On Sunday I headed down to the venue really early to sort out the workshop groups. We unpacked the vans etc and then got everyone soundchecked. the afternoon shows are another story not for here. They went well in the end is for sure. Iplayed drum kit for ‘riot on Cell Block 9′ and nailed a ONE NOTE FILL. Poff! the Reason were great. Eddy did split jumps. Everyone worked the cameras like total prima donna rockstars.  Carrolly did a sweet electronic set once the laptop was going. Something different. Of course all I can hear is the hum of the machine. One day I’ll get around to synthesis. But for now we have to truck on with strings and callouses and sweaty frickin’ thunder fuzz bass alliance.

We soundchecked at 7.50 or so. It took us 5 minutes. Just had to set the fuzz bass up and get a good clangy guitar tone. I was stupid and didn’t set my lead tone high enough but it was ok in the end.

We went on at 8.15 and kicked off the show.

We played Unit of Judo part One, Analogue Space Battle, and Caltrops (for dessert). Some people didn’t know what to do but a lot of them seemed to like it. After all, it was totally class y’see.  My Nana was there so I was a bit nervous.  It was really nice to see messrs Mordue and Miller, there introducing their other halves Christine and Lynn to the medieval grunge folk.

Dee’s Ma came up to me wanting a word about the Analogue Space Battle. I thought I was going to get bollocked for Dooming Out and facilitating the use of brutal thunder bass fuzz. In fact she totally enjoyed the Elizabethan vibrations in the first section. Said it was lovely and tuneful! Thanks, Kathleen!

My Ma and Pa came down too, also Si Richardson was there, Jan van Rezner, other assorted heroes, thanks for turning out.

Now Ben has gone home after doing a belter job in the drum chair, and once again the search is on for a killer stick man.

Thanks to everyone who came down. Abbs and Jonny, you still owe me for the tickets you bastards. But thanks for coming down. I will find you.

Ben’s mate Greg is riding around the world on his bike. That’s commitment to the oily reality of transport.


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Stayin’ aliff! ZADOK LIVE: The Sage Gateshead August 2nd 8pm

Arrr, m’hearties.

Like Ahab serving rum from the bell of a harpoon, here’s an update:

During band practice Al started singing like all the Bee Gees discovering illicit moonshine at once. I learned to sing in the style of an Afrikaaner impersonating Teddy Tel Bozzio’s impersonation of Bob Dylan’s impersonation of Woody Guthrie.

It’s alright, I spoke to Ben, everything is cool.

August 2: ZADOK LIVE!  Electrified prog folk including ANALOGUE SPACE BATTLE ELECTRIC VERSION, 8pm, Hall 2, the Sage Gateshead, £10/8/6

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What happening today to Zadok

hello folks. Today half of Zadok is helping to make someone else’s demos, somewhere in time, and the other half of Zadok is learning Four Tops bass lines. It’s fine, really.

There might be a little more help, presently, as we are joined on Monday by a fine gent name o’ Woody, for the purposes of time signature happiness and groove,  and of course there’ll be the usual ramblings afterwards.

People often say: Why hasn’t Zadok got a Myspace? And I have to say, there’s no reason no explanantion, so play the violins. The truth is that:

“because there are so few of us, that all there is to do is play musics, and both of our fans are busy living their lives and can’t be roped in”.
There’s to be a great fuzz harvest, and you can pick your own.

Multiple food item. root.

Multiple food item. root.

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