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New directions

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Minnis and Al will return one day in a remarkable new format.

Zadok fans will do well to note that the Unit of Judo EP is available to download free here with one measly bonus track. Current projects of band members are shown below.  Thank you for listening. CM


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Now, four fierce streaks in calm sky

Intense. Since the last day, we have all migrated in engagingly different musical directions. Here are four Soundcloud profiles which represent the paths taken.

Minnis: stacks of paper, tapes, guitar

Watch the skis for Ringworld Wire (coming soon) and the TOWN EP (also coming soon).  Field recordings and spoken word acousto-prog. More music here.

Al: Bass

Al remastered the BERK doom classic, Cheeses of Nazareth. He also makes weird drone music and fuzz boxes. See Belta Pedals.

Pete Devlin: Space Key, Golden voice

Pete has been releasing these tapes with Guessmen. Also singing for James Joys.

Franko: Drum kit

Franko went back to Scotland and became a very prolific singer-songwriter.

Thanks for listening.

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We’re done. But here’s our Unit of Judo EP. Check that spectrum.

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Sweating Cobs. Agitated Molecule vibes.

Notes for the forthcoming progressive grunge-folk epic concept album, Agitated Molecule. We’re a lot of things but were not lazy when it comes to writing a song like. This is about a third of the existing notes for Agitated Molecule, the forthcoming mega-extravaganza from Zadok, your favourite Progressive grunge-folk group. The rest are scattered across the county, or in digital form on some server somewhere waiting for the EMP.

That case contains the Tobacco sunburst Jazz – the weapon of choice of Al, in the war on audio boredom. I post this picture just so you don’t think we’re just fannying about with a computer or something. Remember to always warm up before trying anything tricky or repetitive. CM


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Next Caller.


zadok blog is a good place to learn about local newcastle music concepts from a decent progressive grunge-folk band.

Do your best.  Zadok: high fibre progressive grunge-folk for the future. Too much time otherwise. Keep a notepad by your bed just in case. Remember by the time you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated. You can’t necessarily keep it all in the attic like. It’s difficult enough to keep it truckin’ if you’re straight with yourself, so get out of your own way, etc. Zadok live 7th October 2011, implementing stage three of the progressive grunge-folk principle, written on a stone so big you can’t even see it, with a chisel so big you can’t even find the head. In an odd moment in Chester le Street, the world being a sort of space-craft scenario, you’re dreaming of grabbing the wheel. But where will you steer? Cantina band is enough for now. Get on the OST. Make it grow in a sweet niche, keep your overheads down, go down a gauge, get your fish song. Next caller. CM


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Gigs are in the pipe. Ancient Beacon, and some books and film crack. Also, earplugs, Agitated Molecule and time travel.

An Ancient Beacon, photographed on a Canon Ixus 130 from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia circa early 1900sGot a match like? We’re loading some gigs into the tube ready to fire into the region. Keep your prog powder dry, and do remember to always protect your ears with suitable hearing protection – Minnis, Pete and Franko all recommend these cheap and effective vented earplugs. No sponsorship involved. Please don’t waste your ears on most of these modern trappings…. There’s just too much to do. If you sponge out your ears on substandard tapes through the panopticon, there’ll be less left to hear the real deal, eh? Glad to be back in business doing what we do best, and there are shows coming together the length and breadth of Durham city and Newcastle town, TBC. Agitated Molecule has outgrown all conceptual embrace and now exists above and alone, beyond what was previously thought. It’s a journey, a cracked but complete social metaphysics in one sound, probably. Have you ever read this book? How about this one? Or this one? If you like films, here is one hell of a one.  Buy it if you actually like it like. Remember, buy stuff if you actually like it like, especially time travel films that were made on pure dedication! Here is perhaps the best one. If you haven’t got it, stop mucking about on blog pages and get into it. Film and book recommendations do not necessarily represent the views of all members of Zadok, ok. But I think we all agree on Rush in Rio. Or at least we will in a few weeks. I heard a rumour Al has a 3 hour Weather Report concert on DVD somewhere. My oh my. See you later then. Gigs coming up in October. We videotaped ourselves playing some tunes lately and one day they’ll be in front of your robot too. We got into some social games too, and we’ve got our own wi-fi network set up in Sunderland to help people. It’s 33.6 dialup all the way, and you have to hold up your Android to a payphone, but everything is twice as loud if you can wait. I would wait like. The last things were really a joke. But there are some very pricked up ears around here about THE SOUND OF WONDER. Above is a picture from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia, depicting an ancient beacon. One day we’re all going to be gone, and so we best think in more dimensions now. Where are your efforts going? There’s more than meets the eye. “Sooner or later you’re fed up feeling compromised – stop reading your own palm. Just strike on. Caught up, proceed into sharp dark. Back into the cave to conserve the column we made”. The roof is your best bet, integrity fans. 1960s manmade quarried cave with the column left in the middle to keep from cabriolet vibe. Don’t worry about zombies for a bit, they’re mainly a useful metaphor for social unrest! Tight silver suits optional. If it actually comes true, cut off your hair so they can’t grab you, and think carefully. How much vinyl can you actually carry with you? If you’re worried about zombies you’re probably EMP phobic too, so think about how you’re going to spin the Kansas before you head off into the cold safe Northern wastes! Knaa what I mean? Bye!  CM

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Zadok are back in the saddle

zadok are a progressive grunge-folk band from Newcastle, using fuzz bass and radiophonics keyboard to hark back to the golden age of prog.Good afternoon Progressive Grunge-folk fans. What you doin? Today is the musical phoenix day for Zadok after a month of celebration and alternating calm spots. Last night was a great concert from Stabbing Les at Toby Lloyd’s sadly now closed bar installation at the Hatton Gallery. The party got broken up by hi-vis. Today Pete is finally getting his meat stew and we’ve a new keyboard in the mix, a PSR 38. Proper radiophonics vibe today hopefully. We’re continuing the Agitated Molecule mission, with fresh strings and a bone pick. In fact Minnis now has some special scratchy picks made out of special materials, so listen out, pick material fans. Thanks for listening, gigs to be announced soon, gig fans. Bye then! CM

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