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What happening today to Zadok

hello folks. Today half of Zadok is helping to make someone else’s demos, somewhere in time, and the other half of Zadok is learning Four Tops bass lines. It’s fine, really.

There might be a little more help, presently, as we are joined on Monday by a fine gent name o’ Woody, for the purposes of time signature happiness and groove,  and of course there’ll be the usual ramblings afterwards.

People often say: Why hasn’t Zadok got a Myspace? And I have to say, there’s no reason no explanantion, so play the violins. The truth is that:

“because there are so few of us, that all there is to do is play musics, and both of our fans are busy living their lives and can’t be roped in”.
There’s to be a great fuzz harvest, and you can pick your own.

Multiple food item. root.

Multiple food item. root.


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