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We’re done. But here’s our Unit of Judo EP. Check that spectrum.


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caltrops ! Cheap and Cheerful video

Just in case we forgot the quayside. Agitated Molecule now has an Airwolf guitar solo. CM

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Huntin’ down the hamsters

al roberts, chris minnis, pete devlin, zadok, cumberland arms, newcastle prog rock band music Agitated molecule, zadok, newcastle prog band, grunge-folkAl is writing the ‘Agitated Molecule’ bass solo here. Above, it’s us minus Franko sama at the Cumberland a couple of months ago! Loud and proud. CM

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Zadok Photos from Homegrown IV by Steven Bennett!

We just got together me and Al and we played it with the fuzz and that. Canny good ! Maybe our best most focused performance to date. Now Pete and Franko san are in the band we’re fuller. More like a metal bound barrel than a speeding bean. More like a sidecar full of dogs racing up a mountain with Jim Henson Driving and playing Hocus Pocus over and over again until the dogs start singing. CM

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Zadok is still against the flake!

Whose Lapdog are you!? Zadok is against the flake. Because we are few y’see.

However, this compact vibe is sometimes troublesome. Work on the wall almost ground to a halt this week thanks to a brutal but mercifully brief spell of hocking up loads of gruesome mucus and thinking Minnis’s lungs had turned into little shoeboxes full of bitumen and cotton wool. Heh.

Now there is health again in the camp and most of the snow is gone.

If you’re new to Zadok Blog, or have a short working memory, Zadok is a band. We’ll be playing a charity gig at Oxfam, Hood st, Newcastle, on January 20th at 5.30pm.

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What happening today to Zadok

hello folks. Today half of Zadok is helping to make someone else’s demos, somewhere in time, and the other half of Zadok is learning Four Tops bass lines. It’s fine, really.

There might be a little more help, presently, as we are joined on Monday by a fine gent name o’ Woody, for the purposes of time signature happiness and groove,  and of course there’ll be the usual ramblings afterwards.

People often say: Why hasn’t Zadok got a Myspace? And I have to say, there’s no reason no explanantion, so play the violins. The truth is that:

“because there are so few of us, that all there is to do is play musics, and both of our fans are busy living their lives and can’t be roped in”.
There’s to be a great fuzz harvest, and you can pick your own.

Multiple food item. root.

Multiple food item. root.

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