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Zadok are back in the saddle

zadok are a progressive grunge-folk band from Newcastle, using fuzz bass and radiophonics keyboard to hark back to the golden age of prog.Good afternoon Progressive Grunge-folk fans. What you doin? Today is the musical phoenix day for Zadok after a month of celebration and alternating calm spots. Last night was a great concert from Stabbing Les at Toby Lloyd’s sadly now closed bar installation at the Hatton Gallery. The party got broken up by hi-vis. Today Pete is finally getting his meat stew and we’ve a new keyboard in the mix, a PSR 38. Proper radiophonics vibe today hopefully. We’re continuing the Agitated Molecule mission, with fresh strings and a bone pick. In fact Minnis now has some special scratchy picks made out of special materials, so listen out, pick material fans. Thanks for listening, gigs to be announced soon, gig fans. Bye then! CM


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Us playing a song

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We’re not really on TV, it’s a trick.

Hey.Thanks for coming to the Zadok Blog. Next gig: 29th April, the Bensham Jockey, at the Beg, Borrow and Steal all dayer. Progressive Grunge-folk now with added fuzz bass.

Progressive Grunge-folk from Newcastle mainly. Zadok.

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Notes from the Equestrian Wall of Death! And, props for coming to the show on Friday folks. Nice.

Many thanks to all who made it on Friday night: a mint gig by all accounts, including a preview of Agitated Molecule (we played the first 7 minutes of the intro) and also songs from the Equestrian Wall Of Death (The Riders, The Runners – and Ivory Rib Upgrade) plus some other live favourites including Franko reluctantly but brilliantly taking the Space-country train beat shuffle to the next level, and some quite ripping fuzz bass horse-fusion. Not to mention a superb straw hat, sartorial elegance fans – and some good tunes from Schizophica’s Paul Murtaugh. Nice one! Many thanks to Rockin’ horse who were kind enough to supply drum kit and good crack, and also lend us a couple of Fender amps after ours mysteriously BLEW UP. Al’s speaker popped under massive Fuzz Bass pressure and when I turned on my little Marshall amp it made a sound like the sound the Jonny Cab makes just before it blows apart in Total Recall, accompanied by a blue light inside and then basically a bad case of Sleeping Equipment. Not class. Anyway, it’s all for a good cause! It was class to see a good posse from the Durham crew out and about, and other longstanding Z-PALS and ‘DOK-CHUMS. These terms will never be used again, so enjoy them in this instance. Thanks as ever to EMPTY SHOP CREW also.

Now, there were some people afterwards who couldn’t get ahold of the EWOD idea and were a little flummoxed by the laser horses and so on. Basically don’t worry, the tapes will ultimately be their own explanation. But to contextualise this, I’m going to post up some notes from the early stages of the EWOD. This means that all three or four of you can be with us on the journey from hare-brained schematic all the way up to the first time you listen to our instrinsically unchartable but bowl-you-over good all-over concept album, The Equestrian Wall of Death. If you listen to it more than two times you qualify for a cut-price ZADOK tattoo down at Filthy Graham’s Cut-and-shut scarification boutique down on Burst Street. See you soon! Next gig is at Bass Traffic’s all-dayer in Gateshead on the 29th of April. More info to follow, but rest assured no-one will be wearing John Deacon shorts. Here are some notes from the making of the North-East’s first ever concept album about chitinous laser-horses.

Notes from Zadok's Equestrian Wall of Death Grunge-Prog concept album.

More notes from the Equestrian Wall of Death grunge-prog concept album by Zadok.Notes from Newcastle Progressive-grunge-folk concept album. Lyrics: Chris MInnisNotes from Zadok's latest concept album, about laser horses, steampunk stuff, scorpion robots, and other intense prog.More to come. A lot more. CM

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A concert this evening. And a hint of things to come.

North east Progressive Grunge-folkers Zadok are making a Concept album called The Equestrian Wall of Death.Join us this evening in Durham! At the Fish Tank of all places! Here’s a snippet from the stack of papers and manuscript that comprise all those unheard parts of the Equestrian Wall of Death. You can see the protagonist, Couch, in his Scorpion-horse aspect. It’s going to be class to make it out of plasticene and stop-motion it. If anyone can help, let us know, so we can get on with rehearsing the music and stop scanning pieces of paper with pictures of scorpions bursting out of plasticene horses and so on. ¬†Watch this space for more horse-prog goodness. CM

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Get Zadoked.

8th April, The Fish Tank, Durham. Come see us before all our equipment explodes.

Thanks to Liam for the mix. CM

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Al’s Bike is Mint

Progressive Rock Bicycle

Once we get a trailer, we are going to travel everywhere on the back of Al’s bike. Anyone who has been following the Zadok publications available at our music concerts will know that it’s a beast of a single-speed Marin which has seen many miles but remains one of the best bikes anyone in the world has ever seen or ever will. Here is the bike.

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