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3 days to go!

Zadok shot by Jazzy Lemon

Hello all. Cheers very much like hew for coming down last night! There might well be a decent bootleg of that gig kicking around soon – cheers Steve, Liam, Fraser, and everyone else who helped make it happen!

Cheers for the lend o’your Big Muff, Van Rezner. Photos by Jazzy Lemon here – much obliged! Next gig: Fish Tank, 8th April, unless we see you first. On Sunday we be putting our cards on the table in the studio, down in the valley. Do plenty of pad you guys, and look after one another! CM


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Agitated Molecule Continues slow Birth

“The Iron Horse returns to bed. NO dreams to soothe his burning head. Spies Denied, his eyes on the prize…”

A crab dude on zadok blog!

It’s been a total journey but, after finding the really tight bass drum in a certain basement, there has been a lot of progress made. Agitated Molecule is the first Zadok song to feature a full on bass solo, so watch what you’re doing out there. It’s our most involved and complex offering yet, and it’s headed your way!

As you might know, we’re tapemaking again in mid march so there’ll be some new glowsticks to chew on after that. Meantime, a couple of good Zadok shows coming up (9th March event page here) and a good forecast for 2011 – see you soon. CM

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