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Zadok Live! The Tyne, November 12th 2009. evening. Not The Venue like previously advertised mind. With Van REzner and Kyst!


Grown in Witton. Power Onion.


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New tools and the ‘Made IN POLAND’ show!

Well, things are well in the camp. Minnis cut his thumb making a scratchplate that looks like something out of a cartoon if you look too close. Al has been playing in Mass and learning ridiculous bass lines. Grist for the mill! We also have some new tools. INcluding: A Boss HM2 pedal (in bits in a plastic bag). A coping saw and a countersink drill bit. Also maximum painting and decorating skills have been obtained and employed. Zadok will be playing at the “Made In Poland” Fest that should be taking place on the 12th of November, at a TBC location in Newcastle. This means Solidarnosc t-shirts and hastily donned Turbofolk covers done to a high standard maybe, but probably just the maximum grungefolk with the fuzz bass and the acoustic through the Brit Amp and octaver. No problem Nan.

See you soon people!

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