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So, tomorrow we’re going into the big room out in Pelaw to record some stuff properly with Van Rezner. We’ve got the dalek and some far out keyboards. A piece of Zadok at last. Yesterday I went and bought a pack of strings, and one of them was so thick I had to file out some of the nut. So as you can see, preparations are done.

It’s been a topsy turvy summer. But things are now all pointed at tomorrow morning… CM


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More moving parts

Greetings! Thanks for stopping by the Zadok Blog. We now have more moving parts, having found ourselves Mr. Devlin, and also sharing the joy of progressive rock with one Franco Morgan, who is a fine exponent of the Drum Kit who seems unperturbed by what people in a couple of months will be ironically referring to as ‘The Zadok Sound’ while rolling their eyes and thinking ‘no way human beings thought of this stuff man’. Well, we’ll see! Franco even seems to ENJOY the sounds and smells of Zadok! Well, pleased to meet you sir, and welcome to the fold.

Last night me and Al finished the nuts and bolts of ‘The Riders, The Runners’, which is part of the Equestrian Wall of Death sequence. Click here for some background on the Equestrian Wall of Death.


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