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A concert this evening. And a hint of things to come.

North east Progressive Grunge-folkers Zadok are making a Concept album called The Equestrian Wall of Death.Join us this evening in Durham! At the Fish Tank of all places! Here’s a snippet from the stack of papers and manuscript that comprise all those unheard parts of the Equestrian Wall of Death. You can see the protagonist, Couch, in his Scorpion-horse aspect. It’s going to be class to make it out of plasticene and stop-motion it. If anyone can help, let us know, so we can get on with rehearsing the music and stop scanning pieces of paper with pictures of scorpions bursting out of plasticene horses and so on.  Watch this space for more horse-prog goodness. CM


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Zadok hitting the studio for Proper.

zadok hitting the studio for proper. Progressive Grunge-folk ahoy!Well, we’ll soon be taking to the microphones properly, to tape the Unit of Judo saga properly, using drums, keyboards, fuzz bass, guitar and singing. Very chuffed that soon there will actually be some decent recordings of us doing our thing, so that you can listen to them in nicely mastered comfort – perhaps in the bath, or whilst riding shotgun in a friend’s jalopy. Will keep you posted ! This will be a lovely tideover to keep you smiling until Agitated Molecule/The Equestrian Wall of Death comes along to shred your knackers off. Bye! CM

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Approaching Critical Mass

afternoon all. It’s not long now til taping time. Here are a few things that happened:

Pete got a PSR 38, which can do 4 voices at the same time, including ‘aqua’ which sounds like X-com!!! For reference, the PSR300 can do 28 voices at the same time, in stereo.
The famous BEN HANDYSIDES came to visit. Watched Meiway, the king of Zoblazo.
Al fell off his bike and his hand healed up like wolverine.
Minnis got the Portatone 144 back. It has a great transistor organ sound. especially when the batteries are going!
Franko made loads of coffee.


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Thanks for stoppin by..

Bookfest at the Cumberland was nice, if a little bit skin of the teeth timing wise! However, with Al in the middle of the stage and Pete relentlessly pounding the unweighted PSR300, it was a solid thirty minutes of progressive grungefolk. Pete lent me a nice acoustic guitar so I actually had some good sounds… When the volume dipped that is. Because I am stupid enough to always plug into the little 2×12, and the hell with the feedback, I found that my top string was totally inaudible, probably because of the colouration of electric amp. So now you know! Is Shepherd were up next, (who have a really well arranged tune called ‘Time’ here), plus performance poets, then Diddley Squat. Canny good, if dishevelled, cod reggae vibe. But I admit I was a bit tired so I went and got some petrol until they were done. Al danced though. Franko is resting up his knee but is way better and should be back on the double pedal shortly. Then you better watch out, three chord trick fans. CM

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Live and dangerous

zadok banner small
Zadok live at The Bridge Hotel 26/5/10.  L – R: Pete, Al, Franko, Minnis. photo – David Tiernan.

Thanks again everyone who made last wednesday totally mint: Jan, Steve, Carpus Trio, Michael Dollan for lending the little spirit desk that saved the day, Kenneth and Laura J for rocking the door, and everyone else, you know who you are hopefully. Cheers Dave for pictures. Appreciated!

Also: Learn more about the Equestrian Wall of Death saga, or visit Zadok Myspace.


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Latest Luggage Technology. No expense spared.

I was a bit concerned that the old yamaha space keyboard might get a little rattled taking it to practice tomorrow. So I devised the following luggage. Improvised Keyboard Case for Pete DevlinSome have said it looks somewhat like a kidnapped egyptian king sarcophagus. But as long as the rain isn’t too much it’ll do til we can armour plate the clav or get a hard case. What can I say? I have a flair for gaffer tape. I think I once heard Bob calling me ‘The electrician’ because of too much gaffer tape on the drum loom run. But who wants to trip over a cable run eh? You can break your head like that. It happens everyday!

Go and listen to the new recordings by Mass please. Al didn’t tell me to say that either. They’re mint man. The hardest band for about a thousand miles in any direction, including straight up, and even straight down, bearing intense scrutiny and comparison with silicon based bands miles below the surface. Carbon is for wimps.  Mass are not wimps! CM


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Kyst cancel! Prog jazz and grunge city steppers up to the plate

Kyst pull UK tour! Carpus Trio and Zadok show to go ahead as planned!

Hello! For reasons of an unavoidaqle naturq, Kyst will no longer be appearing at the gig at The Bridge Hotel. This is a shame! However Zadok and Carpus Trio will be caning the airwaves and floorboards anyway, no questions asked. Bye!

Carpus Trio + Zadok
7.30pm May 26 2010
The Bridge Hotel, Castle Garth, Newcastle upon Tyne

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