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Spurs, Knuckle Dragger the neet, Static Electrolysis vibes

Starchy goodness abounds. All those with a day job say aye! There’s thunder in the camp with a steady handed collection of scattered melodies and a sheer burning determination to eat hummous. There’s a well put together review of the Unit of Judo EP here, which has certainly made me think about the sound of the japanese jaguar in this muscly context. Spurs are for jinglin’ and jangling. Wood is for putting strings and pickups on and cradling like the saint. What’s the story, Saturday fans? Knuckle Dragger, Dragnet and Conductors are down the Head of Steam tonight if you’re close. £3 in and an early finish for maximum move-poppin’ time! CM


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Sweating Cobs. Agitated Molecule vibes.

Notes for the forthcoming progressive grunge-folk epic concept album, Agitated Molecule. We’re a lot of things but were not lazy when it comes to writing a song like. This is about a third of the existing notes for Agitated Molecule, the forthcoming mega-extravaganza from Zadok, your favourite Progressive grunge-folk group. The rest are scattered across the county, or in digital form on some server somewhere waiting for the EMP.

That case contains the Tobacco sunburst Jazz – the weapon of choice of Al, in the war on audio boredom. I post this picture just so you don’t think we’re just fannying about with a computer or something. Remember to always warm up before trying anything tricky or repetitive. CM


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Zadok are back in the saddle

zadok are a progressive grunge-folk band from Newcastle, using fuzz bass and radiophonics keyboard to hark back to the golden age of prog.Good afternoon Progressive Grunge-folk fans. What you doin? Today is the musical phoenix day for Zadok after a month of celebration and alternating calm spots. Last night was a great concert from Stabbing Les at Toby Lloyd’s sadly now closed bar installation at the Hatton Gallery. The party got broken up by hi-vis. Today Pete is finally getting his meat stew and we’ve a new keyboard in the mix, a PSR 38. Proper radiophonics vibe today hopefully. We’re continuing the Agitated Molecule mission, with fresh strings and a bone pick. In fact Minnis now has some special scratchy picks made out of special materials, so listen out, pick material fans. Thanks for listening, gigs to be announced soon, gig fans. Bye then! CM

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Match of the Day

Thanks for your continued attention, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. We’ve had a chilled few weeks as we variously attend to life’s weird and wonderful convolutions: involving bass, kilts, Durham Gathering, making mix tapes, fretboard memorisation, and other complex wizardry and wandering. Plus the usual human dose of mountains, molehills, maximum processing power, protein chains, and so on. See you in September for more adventures, including video vibes, high fives silhoutted against fighter jets taking off, enormous waterbound mammals, and possibly lighter gauge guitar strings. Warm up, warm down, don’t play under tension or you’ll crack the shell !  CM

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Al’s Supreme Video for Analogue Space Battle

We were caught on tape playing the A.S.B. at Newcastle uni a couple of months back when Franko was showing his skills to earn human skill credit points. It was raw and had a great performance from Franko because he was super pumped. Then in a stroke of divine genius Al got together some classic clips and made a video not to be missed. Check it out, Progressive Cyber-Grungefolk lovers. Possibly the best thing you will see in your lifespan, until we release our Zadok Cookbook. Nice work. Next gig: this wednesday at the Bridge Hotel.

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Konbanwa, Prog Pickers

zadok are a Progressive Grunge-folk band based in Newcastle mainly - now with added fuzz bass.A solid Zadok concert at the Three Tuns last night. Cheers to everybody who made it, especially to Dragnet and to John for doing sound, and also to Tom who was good crack. We debuted a song from the Equestrian Wall of Death!

Here’s a snap of the full complement drinking beer in the evening following the concert, just before Pete watched Evil Dead 2 for the first time! O, to be alive in such times, when you can show a friend such a film for the very original once through.

It’s like bursting out of John Hurt’s chest all over again. If you’re on the ship, and you’re not Sigourney Weaver, chances are you’re going to get Zadoked. That’s a fair average given the population of the north east, and the proliferation of styles accessible through the internet. New tapes are in the pipe right now, just finishing up. Have a lovely evening pop pickers. Konbanwa, new fans in Japan!  CM

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More pics from taping the Judo

pete devlin of Zadok playing proggy keyboards at Blank Studiosblack fender jaguar HH, Fender Jazz USA tobacco sunburstFrancis Morgan of Zadok at Blank Studios.Piano at Blank - it is used to get the resonance of the room!

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