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Spurs, Knuckle Dragger the neet, Static Electrolysis vibes

Starchy goodness abounds. All those with a day job say aye! There’s thunder in the camp with a steady handed collection of scattered melodies and a sheer burning determination to eat hummous. There’s a well put together review of the Unit of Judo EP here, which has certainly made me think about the sound of the japanese jaguar in this muscly context. Spurs are for jinglin’ and jangling. Wood is for putting strings and pickups on and cradling like the saint. What’s the story, Saturday fans? Knuckle Dragger, Dragnet and Conductors are down the Head of Steam tonight if you’re close. £3 in and an early finish for maximum move-poppin’ time! CM


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Match of the Day

Thanks for your continued attention, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. We’ve had a chilled few weeks as we variously attend to life’s weird and wonderful convolutions: involving bass, kilts, Durham Gathering, making mix tapes, fretboard memorisation, and other complex wizardry and wandering. Plus the usual human dose of mountains, molehills, maximum processing power, protein chains, and so on. See you in September for more adventures, including video vibes, high fives silhoutted against fighter jets taking off, enormous waterbound mammals, and possibly lighter gauge guitar strings. Warm up, warm down, don’t play under tension or you’ll crack the shell !  CM

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The fantastical story of Zadok. Secret Gig Thanks. Ear Plugs.

If, like many visitors to this blog, you are new to the music of Zadok, the following things might be of interest. Youtube channel (with live footage and japes). Facebook page (now with added social connectivity and attendant paranoia). Believe it or not, you can still find us on Myspace, but don’t bother. One day we’ll just sack that off, but we’re waiting for news corp to send us some money. However, there is now another mint way to engage with the tendril-equipped Kraken monolith that is Progressive Grunge-folk. It’s a tumblr page that Al has been putting together for people photosensitive to the colour scheme of the Zadok blog, which is where you are. So, stay safe, and get a different perspective on our popular music group here. This fine web page features the entire libretto of our forthcoming massive prog and roll epic, Agitated molecule. If you want, you can see a preview video of the intro for this tune on the aforementioned youtube channel. This preview was recorded in video format a few months ago when Franko and Pete were still at university. Now none of us are at university and the crack is, there’s no better use for four pairs of hands than Progressive Grunge-folk, except maybe dry stone walling for charity, so please support your local musical adventurers so maybe they won’t fall apart under the hydraulic Moloch pressure.

A Good Thing

Heroically, Al has spent a large wedge of time chronicling the adventures and photographic capture-slides pertaining to our band over the last two or three years. Indeed, since the beginning. You are required by law to read through the whole thing each time something new is added.

Check it out here.

PS Thanks to everyone who made it down last night to the secret gig in the Room. It was well ventilated and pleasant. I had to skedaddle early but Knuckle Dragger, by all accounts, were canny radge despite Shabbs busting his knuckle. Druganaut sounded pretty raw, one day I will see them close up. Remember to wear ear plugs at loud gigs or you’ll regret it sooner or later. For a long time we used foam ear plugs, which are shite soundwise, but which will definitely protect your eardrums. 3/4 members of Zadok recommend these ear plugs, which are the cheapest kind of vented plugs you can get but which do the job fine with much more subletly than foam. Get some!  See you later then. CM

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Next Stop Rock The Barn

Rock the Barn is coming: on July 1-3, lots of hairy people take over part of a farm site. Mint. Two stages, competitively priced beverages and lurds of bands, including Zadok on the Saturday night. Check it out here: !

Here’s a picture drawn to celebrate the continuing progress on new Zadok songs:

Concept album art, progressive Grunge-folk, Minnis, Zadok

Cheers anyone who came to support Martha’s night on Wednesday. Pete Currie was class. Aran and Pete were also class, especially their stirring rendition of Down to the River…. Pictures are here! This Wednesday is Franko and Pete’s final recital day before they are let loose into the world. So we’re woodshedding. CM

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Upcoming Zadok gigs

Hey all….  exciting performances of Progressive Grunge-folk are on the cards for the people of the North East.

North East Progressive Grunge-folk band Zadok will perform for you on 9th march and 8 april.

Friday April 8th 2011: Live! At the Fish Tank in Durham. Near the tattoo parlour so you can get a QR code linking to our fan page tattooed on your forehead on the way out. It’s as part of this night here – more details to follow but it should be a good un – just us playin and superbly eclectic DJs spinning, errr, everything in the world. Expect our longest and most supremely story-led set(s) yet.

more to follow. CM


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caltrops ! Cheap and Cheerful video

Just in case we forgot the quayside. Agitated Molecule now has an Airwolf guitar solo. CM

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