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The Olden Days. The Seed!

here’s me and Al back in the Golden Morning of Zadok. Suppertime has come and gone! See you soon.


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Unit Part Three: Golden Morning version from 30.01.10

Part of the Unit of Judo saga.

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Zadok Live Acousto-Grunge Progatron. July 4, The Cumberland Arms.

zadok e-banner - Live at Cumberland arms 4 july - bookfest.Check it out! Zadok are playing at Bookfest, at the Cumberland arms, on the old Evening Stage. Franko sama is up north but, you never know, he might make a flying visit with pans and brushes…. Full on stripped back so you can even hear the singing and that. buzzin! Here’s a link to what bookfest is. More info to follow! But it’ll be a mint day, and a chance to flex the acoustrotron. Nice. Tobacco sunburst bass and the proper electric piano we hopin’. CM

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