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Franko and Pete shredded the school.

On Wednesday night, down in the basement at the seat of learning, Pete and Franko showed what they’d been doing all this time, including a sterling RPG set featuring Pete’s astonishing vocal (where do we find these guys), and a pounding Zadok set that lasted exactly 37 minutes, featuring stupidly metronomic timekeeping from Franko, an explanation of Franko’s famous count-ins and some canny banter as well. Not to mention a maturing version of the Agitated Molecule intro section, some squalling guitar feedback, sweaty shirts and well waxed earplugs. Come see us playing and that. For those who missed it, don’t forget to check out Al’s supreme video for ASB (audio from last time we played in the uni. Cheers John!). I imagine there’ll be some new uns to tide you over until the new tapes appear in your line of vision. Ta! CM


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Zadok hitting the studio for Proper.

zadok hitting the studio for proper. Progressive Grunge-folk ahoy!Well, we’ll soon be taking to the microphones properly, to tape the Unit of Judo saga properly, using drums, keyboards, fuzz bass, guitar and singing. Very chuffed that soon there will actually be some decent recordings of us doing our thing, so that you can listen to them in nicely mastered comfort – perhaps in the bath, or whilst riding shotgun in a friend’s jalopy. Will keep you posted ! This will be a lovely tideover to keep you smiling until Agitated Molecule/The Equestrian Wall of Death comes along to shred your knackers off. Bye! CM

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So, tomorrow we’re going into the big room out in Pelaw to record some stuff properly with Van Rezner. We’ve got the dalek and some far out keyboards. A piece of Zadok at last. Yesterday I went and bought a pack of strings, and one of them was so thick I had to file out some of the nut. So as you can see, preparations are done.

It’s been a topsy turvy summer. But things are now all pointed at tomorrow morning… CM

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Zadok Live Acousto-Grunge Progatron. July 4, The Cumberland Arms.

zadok e-banner - Live at Cumberland arms 4 july - bookfest.Check it out! Zadok are playing at Bookfest, at the Cumberland arms, on the old Evening Stage. Franko sama is up north but, you never know, he might make a flying visit with pans and brushes…. Full on stripped back so you can even hear the singing and that. buzzin! Here’s a link to what bookfest is. More info to follow! But it’ll be a mint day, and a chance to flex the acoustrotron. Nice. Tobacco sunburst bass and the proper electric piano we hopin’. CM

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Pete Devlin!

A very warm welcome to Pete Devlin. He can sing and play good and has a steady manner. We’ll be playing as the acousto-wigout two piece until all the new arrangements are together – then, expect more from your local Zadok as we press PD into active service.

New videos are incoming – a full recording of the Oxfam show on 30/01/10, filmed by Devlin san, taped by Pip Coates, Mixed by Van Rezner. Chopped up into chunks and uploaded into the aether. We’re working on The Equestrian Wall of Death Saga still. CM

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04/02/10 - photo by David Tiernan

Laser Beans. Photo by David Tiernan

Al is swinging his chain. photo by David Tiernan

Live last night at The Sage Gateshead – thanks to Chris Durant and David Tiernan for the pics!!

Class gig! Nice night. We played Analogue Space Battle, Unit of Judo part 3, and Caltrops. Fuzz bass and fuzz acoustic solo tone. Canny.

And check the video above for 24 frames per second of Oxfam Bookstore in Newcastle! Thanks to all at the store, to Wooh sama, Pete Devlin san for taping, Mr. Pip for riding the faders, van Rezner for the mic and stand, and the whole darn bunch.  Lighting was totally rare! Warts and all with no fuzz. But a very nice sounding room! Play there if you can!

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Ben-ra Handos to the rescue.

Aye, Ben is a legend. He is transcribin’ the morse.

Reknowned for his japery, Quad Roy is a lunatic skin swatter and pickle tickler. Soon he will land with Big Dog. Class. Big Dog rules the school.


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