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New directions

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Minnis and Al will return one day in a remarkable new format.

Zadok fans will do well to note that the Unit of Judo EP is available to download free here with one measly bonus track. Current projects of band members are shown below.  Thank you for listening. CM


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Now, four fierce streaks in calm sky

Intense. Since the last day, we have all migrated in engagingly different musical directions. Here are four Soundcloud profiles which represent the paths taken.

Minnis: stacks of paper, tapes, guitar

Watch the skis for Ringworld Wire (coming soon) and the TOWN EP (also coming soon).  Field recordings and spoken word acousto-prog. More music here.

Al: Bass

Al remastered the BERK doom classic, Cheeses of Nazareth. He also makes weird drone music and fuzz boxes. See Belta Pedals.

Pete Devlin: Space Key, Golden voice

Pete has been releasing these tapes with Guessmen. Also singing for James Joys.

Franko: Drum kit

Franko went back to Scotland and became a very prolific singer-songwriter.

Thanks for listening.

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Upon learning that the Jazz has left the building

Iron horse in the digital ether learning a new tongue, shifting some snow, and looking east. Franko has shot for the north and good luck to him! In genuine flow, we’re moving toward ultimate phase. Pete is taking on heavy study. Minnis is still trying to rewire the Jaguar. It’s better to have that bridge to rest your palm on so  as you can dig in. Not like these stratocaster type walking in the air hand movements. In that instance you can’t let your guard down for a second or the phantom noises start. However, you can still let your hair down. Here’s a valve type photograph.

zadok, the premier progressive grunge-folk band are making their way to the future

It’s a long time to stand still. Minnis is making dialmforminnis volume one. Pete said he made a tune in 5/4 on the ukulele. I know, you want to hear it. There are a lot of tapes of Zadok: Al collated everything on the tumblr blog in a fit of prescience. I bet by now Franko is back radging up the kit track with the Voice of The Mysterons.

Every time you see a little white flash, that’s some eye cells dying. Same as your ears! Ben said to me once ‘You need Boundaries’. It’s true, but what greater boundary than omnipotent fate. Mortal coil and that. Best boundary we have, keep pushing against it to make good art and to just make it better. Life arpeggiator/aggregator.

Watch this space for the next move, signposts, and amendments. Thanks for listening. CM

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Backwards adventure part one of five.

Here’s the last frame of a scenario plundered from the 11th July 1970 edition of Lion comic. It’s in reverse order because ultimately, this will be the past, and then the posts will read in the right order on this, the Zadok blog. So, future reader, nice work. You are now in a Primer-style time repeating sequence. Be careful. I bet you a quid you can’t guess what happens next. If you can guess, you can have the Unit of Judo EP as a free download from . If you enjoyed this sequence you should sign up to the Zadok mailing list here. CMScan from Lion comic 11th July 1970 on

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Next Caller.


zadok blog is a good place to learn about local newcastle music concepts from a decent progressive grunge-folk band.

Do your best.  Zadok: high fibre progressive grunge-folk for the future. Too much time otherwise. Keep a notepad by your bed just in case. Remember by the time you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated. You can’t necessarily keep it all in the attic like. It’s difficult enough to keep it truckin’ if you’re straight with yourself, so get out of your own way, etc. Zadok live 7th October 2011, implementing stage three of the progressive grunge-folk principle, written on a stone so big you can’t even see it, with a chisel so big you can’t even find the head. In an odd moment in Chester le Street, the world being a sort of space-craft scenario, you’re dreaming of grabbing the wheel. But where will you steer? Cantina band is enough for now. Get on the OST. Make it grow in a sweet niche, keep your overheads down, go down a gauge, get your fish song. Next caller. CM


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Match of the Day

Thanks for your continued attention, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. We’ve had a chilled few weeks as we variously attend to life’s weird and wonderful convolutions: involving bass, kilts, Durham Gathering, making mix tapes, fretboard memorisation, and other complex wizardry and wandering. Plus the usual human dose of mountains, molehills, maximum processing power, protein chains, and so on. See you in September for more adventures, including video vibes, high fives silhoutted against fighter jets taking off, enormous waterbound mammals, and possibly lighter gauge guitar strings. Warm up, warm down, don’t play under tension or you’ll crack the shell !  CM

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The Story of Zadok told through Pritt Stick and scissors. coming soon!

Zadok Flyer November 2009, featuring Mass, and more fuzz bassFor a long time we’ve been fortunate enough to have access to a pair of sharp scissors, and considered responsible enough to be left in charge of a Pritt Stick. Since the start of the band we’ve made our own newsletters and flyers, for the crack. It’s a good mission because it makes you stop what you’re doing and sit down with the Pritt Stick, and make friends with the Pritt Stick, and also offers a natural opportunity to watch Star Trek while you’re on.

Zadok May 10 - with Carpus TrioOther hand made things associated with Zadok: Minnis’ Scratchplate. All the tunes are also handmade, first in the mind, then on the instruments, then on the 4trk tape deck (later, I lucked out with a cheap AW16G which is a class bit of kit. Still use the tapes for wacky pitch shifting of audio birthday cards, answerphone messages, etc though).  There was also the marvellous heartwarming build of Pete’s keyboard case when we didn’t have a keyboard case but we had a lot of cardboard and gaffer tape.  Also, if anyone knows how to make this inbuilt SG tape-delay unit a reality, we’d be happy to play in your living room in exchange for the secrets of this technology mowtah.

So, pretty soon, to coincide with the new and improved tapes, and some concerts, we’ll get all those flyers  scanned properly and weave the tale of a hardworking Progressive Grunge-folk band into the fabric of the internet. CM

Live! March 9th – Northumberland Arms, Newcastle.

Live! April 8th – Fish Tank, Durham.

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