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Part Three/Three

comic scan, eagle, thunder, prog rock band

Great concert last night, music friends. Thanks for coming! Here’s the next instalment in this great series. CM


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Splice the Mainbrace, and so on.

town , written by Ian hatton with lyrics and arrangement by Chris Minnis, performed by Zadok Normal Service will resume shortly. Midshipman, call off your dogs/Control yourself/those wheels and cogs comprise a whole. a breach in the wall surrounding something central/Steady, stock parts crack and burst in the cold/stock still catching up with you. Fixed diff breaker’s overture. Tall enough to stand stock still, handbuilt, bespoke, modular/ Yet, like bamboo, can bend in the breeze/Equivalent of Dead Man’s Switch. A letter signed and fastened with a seal – a figment of some death and burial! Seldom struck by waning luck, an army may form with L-plate hopes to contradict such coarse predictions. Our Town is built, announce it in the hall. Folk from here and there would flock to live a live they would ne’er have lived.

With maximum props to Ian Hatton like. Down two gauges and ready to swim the moat. Stay hydrated! CM

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And finally

The electrical games referenced as the backdrop of the Equestrian Wall of Death saga are a long standing event, in this timeline. A yearly tented city ! This one, featuring in the forthcoming recordings, is important because it represents the first ever Pay – Per -View Mind/Meat stream. The compere has lined up an undeniable, amazing spectacle – this year the wall will rise up to a 90 degree angle. He knows it’s a race to the death… it usually is like. CM

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A tin circle

“The Root of it all. They were all related – inflexible. Sowarth could not step outside. A Tin Circle. Our great leader broke his safe for V for Victory. Cloud stood stepwise, introspect in mystery”. The Equestrian Wall of Death – being, the Zadok album after the next one.


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The Compere’s vehicle

The compere’s trailer looks close and small, like any given Winnebago. But truly it’s a illusion – enormous. It houses a disturbing array of research equipment.  This all started years ago when a baby was born with a tail that could sting people….and the Compere will finally reveal this when confronted. In that case there will be a serious last act up his sleeve like……

“at first I saw Sorcerors, and gave them the seeds. They responded well and were taken with me. These trauma packs were given to me by Cloud Templeman personally.”

Tales from the Equestrian Wall of Death. Coming late 2012 or when we get our finger out .

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Next Caller.


zadok blog is a good place to learn about local newcastle music concepts from a decent progressive grunge-folk band.

Do your best.  Zadok: high fibre progressive grunge-folk for the future. Too much time otherwise. Keep a notepad by your bed just in case. Remember by the time you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated. You can’t necessarily keep it all in the attic like. It’s difficult enough to keep it truckin’ if you’re straight with yourself, so get out of your own way, etc. Zadok live 7th October 2011, implementing stage three of the progressive grunge-folk principle, written on a stone so big you can’t even see it, with a chisel so big you can’t even find the head. In an odd moment in Chester le Street, the world being a sort of space-craft scenario, you’re dreaming of grabbing the wheel. But where will you steer? Cantina band is enough for now. Get on the OST. Make it grow in a sweet niche, keep your overheads down, go down a gauge, get your fish song. Next caller. CM


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Gigs are in the pipe. Ancient Beacon, and some books and film crack. Also, earplugs, Agitated Molecule and time travel.

An Ancient Beacon, photographed on a Canon Ixus 130 from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia circa early 1900sGot a match like? We’re loading some gigs into the tube ready to fire into the region. Keep your prog powder dry, and do remember to always protect your ears with suitable hearing protection – Minnis, Pete and Franko all recommend these cheap and effective vented earplugs. No sponsorship involved. Please don’t waste your ears on most of these modern trappings…. There’s just too much to do. If you sponge out your ears on substandard tapes through the panopticon, there’ll be less left to hear the real deal, eh? Glad to be back in business doing what we do best, and there are shows coming together the length and breadth of Durham city and Newcastle town, TBC. Agitated Molecule has outgrown all conceptual embrace and now exists above and alone, beyond what was previously thought. It’s a journey, a cracked but complete social metaphysics in one sound, probably. Have you ever read this book? How about this one? Or this one? If you like films, here is one hell of a one.  Buy it if you actually like it like. Remember, buy stuff if you actually like it like, especially time travel films that were made on pure dedication! Here is perhaps the best one. If you haven’t got it, stop mucking about on blog pages and get into it. Film and book recommendations do not necessarily represent the views of all members of Zadok, ok. But I think we all agree on Rush in Rio. Or at least we will in a few weeks. I heard a rumour Al has a 3 hour Weather Report concert on DVD somewhere. My oh my. See you later then. Gigs coming up in October. We videotaped ourselves playing some tunes lately and one day they’ll be in front of your robot too. We got into some social games too, and we’ve got our own wi-fi network set up in Sunderland to help people. It’s 33.6 dialup all the way, and you have to hold up your Android to a payphone, but everything is twice as loud if you can wait. I would wait like. The last things were really a joke. But there are some very pricked up ears around here about THE SOUND OF WONDER. Above is a picture from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia, depicting an ancient beacon. One day we’re all going to be gone, and so we best think in more dimensions now. Where are your efforts going? There’s more than meets the eye. “Sooner or later you’re fed up feeling compromised – stop reading your own palm. Just strike on. Caught up, proceed into sharp dark. Back into the cave to conserve the column we made”. The roof is your best bet, integrity fans. 1960s manmade quarried cave with the column left in the middle to keep from cabriolet vibe. Don’t worry about zombies for a bit, they’re mainly a useful metaphor for social unrest! Tight silver suits optional. If it actually comes true, cut off your hair so they can’t grab you, and think carefully. How much vinyl can you actually carry with you? If you’re worried about zombies you’re probably EMP phobic too, so think about how you’re going to spin the Kansas before you head off into the cold safe Northern wastes! Knaa what I mean? Bye!  CM

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