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Unit of Judo Part 3: The Wreck of The Riley Morton

Unit’s eyes snap wide open as the good Riley bounces along. We can’t sleep on ceremony forever on the merchant ‘Riley Morton!’ The Captain’s eyes are too close together. The true name of this craft is too long. It seems they’ll be dining together, the poisoner and the sea dog.
Right on time! Up and over the side – to wave, not to drown in the boiling foam. He’s holding the stone. It’s safe now to go all to pieces, as the ‘sea’s seventh seal’ comes unsewn! Unit has taken initiative with ingredients of his own – an Hallucino-soupstone. If THAT’s true, and Unit over the side, we’re all in for a ride in the boiling foam, if he sank like a stone!
Like any lopsided settlement, this sets a dangerous precedent. The sands could pack us down like sediment – a walk in wardrobe fossil record. A set dinner Archeopterex! Painted up to look like meat and thrown over the side, then climbing hand over hand on a knotted mercy line. In other words, murdered then saved in the nick of time.

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Bursting Out of John Hurt’s Chest

Zadok are now bursting out of John Hurt’s Chest in a town near you.

We’re currently concluding the Unit of Judo trilogy with UOF pt.3: The Wreck of the Riley Morton. In this supreme finale to a heartbreaking and bendy saga, Unit boards the ghost ship Riley Morton and dines with Captain Giles Benthrax, who is forced to strike a terrible deal to keep his equally terrible cargo from the eyes of the underworld.

See you soon.


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