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Next Stop Rock The Barn

Rock the Barn is coming: on July 1-3, lots of hairy people take over part of a farm site. Mint. Two stages, competitively priced beverages and lurds of bands, including Zadok on the Saturday night. Check it out here: !

Here’s a picture drawn to celebrate the continuing progress on new Zadok songs:

Concept album art, progressive Grunge-folk, Minnis, Zadok

Cheers anyone who came to support Martha’s night on Wednesday. Pete Currie was class. Aran and Pete were also class, especially their stirring rendition of Down to the River…. Pictures are here! This Wednesday is Franko and Pete’s final recital day before they are let loose into the world. So we’re woodshedding. CM


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Finishing Line?

Howdy, Progressive Grunge-folk fans. Good news! It looks like today may be the day we finish tracking on the Unit of Judo EP. To celebrate this possible accomplishment, here is a picture taken of some valves glowing in the dark using a slightly scratched 7.1 mp camera. Admittedly, history has shown us greater celebration than merely taking a photograph, but remember that it was dark. If you haven’t had a look yet, remember that you can check out the whole history of Zadok through the medium of handmade marketing materials here. Quite good! If anyone has any video or live snaps of us playing out, by all means bung it in the post if you can, maybe on a VHS or even using e-post services like ‘HOTMAIL’. Full credit is our CAST IRON GUARANTEE, and it’s always interesting to look at captured past events. Remember, we have a SEGA font now, so there’s no question that our presentation is improving. Thanks for listening – We’re confirmed for Rock the Barn festival in Durham on 2 July, which will be grand. More informational burst shortly. CM Valves in the Fender Blues Junior

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