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New Music apportioned via DNA sequence…..

Dear Zadok lovers everywhere,

Al and I have come up with a whole new bunch of sounds, which we’ll be playing for your listening pleasure at the Blank Open Mic at the Cumberland on May the 28th ! Tobacco Sunburst Applause Pending. These musics include ‘Analogue Space Battle’ and ‘Small Hammers’ and will appear alongside old favourites like ‘A Dolphin in the Desert’, ‘Unit of Judo pts I and II’ and ‘Caltrops’ if time allows.

In other news, Loads of stuff including Juicer and Banana Skin Freakout have been happening. These are steadily being accrued as poems in the great book.

Check out what Resnikoff has to say about DIY music here.

“Did I really steal Mike Katz’ T-shirt?”



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