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Splice the Mainbrace, and so on.

town , written by Ian hatton with lyrics and arrangement by Chris Minnis, performed by Zadok Normal Service will resume shortly. Midshipman, call off your dogs/Control yourself/those wheels and cogs comprise a whole. a breach in the wall surrounding something central/Steady, stock parts crack and burst in the cold/stock still catching up with you. Fixed diff breaker’s overture. Tall enough to stand stock still, handbuilt, bespoke, modular/ Yet, like bamboo, can bend in the breeze/Equivalent of Dead Man’s Switch. A letter signed and fastened with a seal – a figment of some death and burial! Seldom struck by waning luck, an army may form with L-plate hopes to contradict such coarse predictions. Our Town is built, announce it in the hall. Folk from here and there would flock to live a live they would ne’er have lived.

With maximum props to Ian Hatton like. Down two gauges and ready to swim the moat. Stay hydrated! CM


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And finally

The electrical games referenced as the backdrop of the Equestrian Wall of Death saga are a long standing event, in this timeline. A yearly tented city ! This one, featuring in the forthcoming recordings, is important because it represents the first ever Pay – Per -View Mind/Meat stream. The compere has lined up an undeniable, amazing spectacle – this year the wall will rise up to a 90 degree angle. He knows it’s a race to the death… it usually is like. CM

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A tin circle

“The Root of it all. They were all related – inflexible. Sowarth could not step outside. A Tin Circle. Our great leader broke his safe for V for Victory. Cloud stood stepwise, introspect in mystery”. The Equestrian Wall of Death – being, the Zadok album after the next one.


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The Compere’s vehicle

The compere’s trailer looks close and small, like any given Winnebago. But truly it’s a illusion – enormous. It houses a disturbing array of research equipment.  This all started years ago when a baby was born with a tail that could sting people….and the Compere will finally reveal this when confronted. In that case there will be a serious last act up his sleeve like……

“at first I saw Sorcerors, and gave them the seeds. They responded well and were taken with me. These trauma packs were given to me by Cloud Templeman personally.”

Tales from the Equestrian Wall of Death. Coming late 2012 or when we get our finger out .

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