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Upon learning that the Jazz has left the building

Iron horse in the digital ether learning a new tongue, shifting some snow, and looking east. Franko has shot for the north and good luck to him! In genuine flow, we’re moving toward ultimate phase. Pete is taking on heavy study. Minnis is still trying to rewire the Jaguar. It’s better to have that bridge to rest your palm on so ¬†as you can dig in. Not like these stratocaster type walking in the air hand movements. In that instance you can’t let your guard down for a second or the phantom noises start. However, you can still let your hair down. Here’s a valve type photograph.

zadok, the premier progressive grunge-folk band are making their way to the future

It’s a long time to stand still. Minnis is making dialmforminnis volume one. Pete said he made a tune in 5/4 on the ukulele. I know, you want to hear it. There are a lot of tapes of Zadok: Al collated everything on the tumblr blog in a fit of prescience. I bet by now Franko is back radging up the kit track with the Voice of The Mysterons.

Every time you see a little white flash, that’s some eye cells dying. Same as your ears! Ben said to me once ‘You need Boundaries’. It’s true, but what greater boundary than omnipotent fate. Mortal coil and that. Best boundary we have, keep pushing against it to make good art and to just make it better. Life arpeggiator/aggregator.

Watch this space for the next move, signposts, and amendments. Thanks for listening. CM


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