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3 days to go!

Zadok shot by Jazzy Lemon

Hello all. Cheers very much like hew for coming down last night! There might well be a decent bootleg of that gig kicking around soon – cheers Steve, Liam, Fraser, and everyone else who helped make it happen!

Cheers for the lend o’your Big Muff, Van Rezner. Photos by Jazzy Lemon here – much obliged! Next gig: Fish Tank, 8th April, unless we see you first. On Sunday we be putting our cards on the table in the studio, down in the valley. Do plenty of pad you guys, and look after one another! CM


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So, tomorrow we’re going into the big room out in Pelaw to record some stuff properly with Van Rezner. We’ve got the dalek and some far out keyboards. A piece of Zadok at last. Yesterday I went and bought a pack of strings, and one of them was so thick I had to file out some of the nut. So as you can see, preparations are done.

It’s been a topsy turvy summer. But things are now all pointed at tomorrow morning… CM

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Zadok Live! Thursday 12th November! Tyne Bar!

zadok at the tyne. 12th november

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Zadok Live! The Tyne, November 12th 2009. evening. Not The Venue like previously advertised mind. With Van REzner and Kyst!


Grown in Witton. Power Onion.

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Here’s the Caltrops from The Sage Gateshead! Almost Live. Thanks to Ben for coming up North to play and Van Rezner for the mix.


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The Red Light is out

First take blinders, warts and all.

Fuzz box straight into Logic. A glass of guinness.

Today I heard from Mick! Hello, Mick! What a dude.

Now recording Almost Live EP

Now recording Almost Live EP

Today, guitars and voices. All done. Now, the mixing continues. Leave that bit crusher bypassed, for all of our sakes! No heavy syrup or Al will strike down with great Doom Vengeance on the hand that rocks the fader.

Still, You have to work on these things and hide the evidence! Drums are power crack, given the quick fire sound check. New York Style Bus Compression, see.

More on this and other adventures tomorrow.


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Quiet! Recording

Minnis is heading over to Van Rezner Recordings today to add his parts to recent recording endeavours. So, by the end of the week, all things being well, we’ll have some new electric recordings up ! Check this guy out:

Oh my! You're RECORDING again?

Oh my! You're RECORDING again?

Now that’s funny.

Today, van Rezners. This weekend – Durham city. Next month, Newcastle. This Winter,  ZADOK: THE MOVIE. maybe.


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