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Gigs are in the pipe. Ancient Beacon, and some books and film crack. Also, earplugs, Agitated Molecule and time travel.

An Ancient Beacon, photographed on a Canon Ixus 130 from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia circa early 1900sGot a match like? We’re loading some gigs into the tube ready to fire into the region. Keep your prog powder dry, and do remember to always protect your ears with suitable hearing protection – Minnis, Pete and Franko all recommend these cheap and effective vented earplugs. No sponsorship involved. Please don’t waste your ears on most of these modern trappings…. There’s just too much to do. If you sponge out your ears on substandard tapes through the panopticon, there’ll be less left to hear the real deal, eh? Glad to be back in business doing what we do best, and there are shows coming together the length and breadth of Durham city and Newcastle town, TBC. Agitated Molecule has outgrown all conceptual embrace and now exists above and alone, beyond what was previously thought. It’s a journey, a cracked but complete social metaphysics in one sound, probably. Have you ever read this book? How about this one? Or this one? If you like films, here is one hell of a one.  Buy it if you actually like it like. Remember, buy stuff if you actually like it like, especially time travel films that were made on pure dedication! Here is perhaps the best one. If you haven’t got it, stop mucking about on blog pages and get into it. Film and book recommendations do not necessarily represent the views of all members of Zadok, ok. But I think we all agree on Rush in Rio. Or at least we will in a few weeks. I heard a rumour Al has a 3 hour Weather Report concert on DVD somewhere. My oh my. See you later then. Gigs coming up in October. We videotaped ourselves playing some tunes lately and one day they’ll be in front of your robot too. We got into some social games too, and we’ve got our own wi-fi network set up in Sunderland to help people. It’s 33.6 dialup all the way, and you have to hold up your Android to a payphone, but everything is twice as loud if you can wait. I would wait like. The last things were really a joke. But there are some very pricked up ears around here about THE SOUND OF WONDER. Above is a picture from the Harmsworth Encyclopaedia, depicting an ancient beacon. One day we’re all going to be gone, and so we best think in more dimensions now. Where are your efforts going? There’s more than meets the eye. “Sooner or later you’re fed up feeling compromised – stop reading your own palm. Just strike on. Caught up, proceed into sharp dark. Back into the cave to conserve the column we made”. The roof is your best bet, integrity fans. 1960s manmade quarried cave with the column left in the middle to keep from cabriolet vibe. Don’t worry about zombies for a bit, they’re mainly a useful metaphor for social unrest! Tight silver suits optional. If it actually comes true, cut off your hair so they can’t grab you, and think carefully. How much vinyl can you actually carry with you? If you’re worried about zombies you’re probably EMP phobic too, so think about how you’re going to spin the Kansas before you head off into the cold safe Northern wastes! Knaa what I mean? Bye!  CM


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Prog nowadays is a cottage industry.

zadok use typewriters and fuzz pedals to make their sound.

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Moth Made it.

After a Zadok practice on the 27th of August 2010, this moth flew in through Minnis’s open back door. He managed to land upside down in some water that had been used to cook some corn, and that’s where he was found. Minnis fished him out and put him on a thin towel with a little tissue in front of the creature so he could clean off the corn juice. Actually, he looked rather under the weather. But after 20 minutes of being played an old tape of some guitar demos, he started warming up his wings like a proper little hovercraft, then did one. CM

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Franco joins band

Hello folks. Long time no word. We were fairly worn out after a fair old stint today with full complement four piece exhaustive rehearsal vibes, as Al might put it. Franco Morgan has joined the band. Welcome! He’s a fine exponent of the DRUM KIT. This fine day I followed him to a secret location and we took out the Iron Cobra pedal and a bag of cymbals then walked into the practice room. Shortly after, Pete and Al showed up. I was smart and had a bag of food. Including a fairly good pear, I might add. Then me and Pete got a Microphone and put it in the Chinese Piano. Then we did battle with the sleeping dragon that is Unit of Judo Part 3. I couldn’t get a lot of clunk with Fender through a Fender, but Al had enough for all of us, including the Boss Bass OD pedal, which is way better than a little box like that has a right to be. (I heard there was a fuzz box to end all fuzz boxes called the MXR bass blowtorch but I haven’t heard it. Al listened to some demos on the web, but how the heck can you demo a fuzz box remotely? The only way would be if he was at one end of a massive storm drain sewerage system with the 1000w cab ****and a circuit breaker – safety fans***** and I was about two miles down the pipe in a wigwam waiting for my trousers to set on fire as soon as he plugged the thing in). I also had a greek salad in a plastic box, which was class, once I had obtained a plastic fork. Franco had a cup of tea which tasted of soap. We live in the Twitter age where people are interested in a soapy tea. So we stared at two bars in UOJ3 which didn’t make sense. And after about fifteen minutes it turned out it was because it was 4/4. Who’d think it? It looks like good timing to unveil the four piece incarnation of the band. Kyst are touring in May of course, and though we’re nothing like them except for roughly the same number of amplifiers, we’ve played with them before and made it out. Last week me and Al played Barrels Alehouse in Berwick, and we got out of there too, but remembered too late that small towns and acoustic prog rock don’t mix well. Still, we played a decent stint, and Angus gave us petrol money, and we made friends with a couple of gents from Glasgow who were putting in 84 hour weeks building a Tesco Supermercado somewhere nearby. Then we headed back to Gateshead and managed to write a verging on berserk cavalcade section for forthcoming opus ‘Ivory Rib Upgrade’ (which of course is part of the Equestrian Wall of Death Saga). Berwick has a bit of a curious history footnote tacked onto it (which you can read about if you cast the net around) – it is supposed to have technically been at war with Russia until 1966. “You can’t believe everything you hear and only half of what you see”… Rest in peace Bobby Charles. Now that Pete Devlin is in the band we can use previously untapped elements like pianos into fuzz boxes, and tiny sickly keyboards into delay pedals, and Double Singing, which is great. Pete is class because he learned to push his tongue way back in his mouth to sing high and might be able to teach me how too, if I prove a decent student. A first for everything! I learned more about ‘world music’ in Jon’s attic than I ever did at school, though I suspect that’s more a reflection on my study style than quality of teaching… I heard that the one and only Sam Higgs, Samwise Drumgee the first, has not only been checking out this blog but has learned how to play Airproofing. Mint. He was a class drum kit player when I knew him. Once he visited me in Durham and it was mint. I can recommend any book by Banning Eyre. Check out ‘an American guitarist in Mali’ ! class. Also recommended: Toumani Diabate’s Symmetric orchestra 2006 album, I forget the name. unbelievable ! Bye for now, don’t forget: 26 May 2010 – Kyst, Carpus trio, and Zadok at the Bridge Hotel. Or forget. But allow yourself to be reminded from time to time if modern living corrodes the brain mush. I salute the hardworking members of Zadok band on this fine day, and all who managed to get to the bottom of this blog. I almost didn’t. Bye! CM

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