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More on Zadok tapemaking

Well, we’re all set to start recording the Unit Of Judo Saga on a sunny sunday toward mid march, which is mint.  We’ll be rockin’ with Sam at Blank – check out some of their back catalogue of class tapes here. You’ll be able to hear all the keys and that, and we’re going to put a microphone on the toms this time so it doesn’t sound like c.1942 radio audio trap set recording.

Cheers for listening! We’re currently putting the finishing touches to a special new piece of music which takes a decent amount of time to play, and took longer to make! It’s called Agitated Molecule. A.M.  features the iron bass skills of Al in star-fired overdrive, as well as sterling lines from Mr. Peter Devlin funneling inexplicably serpentine melodies from the orient, for 2 second bursts, weaved into the space ragtime harmony. There are also Airwolf guitar swoops,  and death-defying drumming from the unstoppable Franko “Good Morning” Morgan. and some futuristic rave jabs.

what minnis seesWe haven’t been (totally) idle on the Equestrian Wall of Death either – eagle eared gig goers will have heard Ivory Rib Upgrade performed already. But there’s a whole cycle to go with that too, and loads of fuzz bass and wrigglin’ drums and so on. No filler like.  Bye! CM



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Zadok Tapes: nearly there….

There’s a staggered blow by blow of making the Zadok tapes here at Minnis’ blog. I won’t go into the gory details here, but suffice to say that thanks to Duncan Grigg and Andy Thompson among many others, these tapes will sound mint in the end. It’s been a mission, including the day itself (although playing is always a pleasure!), but with the help of some serious concentration, we’re getting there. Pete managed to borrow an amazing little microphone which helped. More as it happens…..

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